About us

Healthy knees are crucial in all weight bearing sports and yet the knee joint is a common site of injury and may also be subject to arthritic change as we age. Because of the sheer importance of this joint and the complexity of the attendant diagnosis and management, including surgery, of the disorders of the knee, I have chosen to specialise exclusively as a knee surgeon. I operate at Braemar Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand with a highly trained and regarded team of medical professionals; ensuring your treatment will be delivered to an exceptional standard. Enquire of my reputation via your GP or ask someone who you know has had knee surgery in Hamilton.

Specialist Anaesthetists: Rowan Hyde MBChB (Dunedin,1977) ANZCA. Robert Cameron MBChB (Auckland, 1982) ANZCA. Rob Carpenter MBChB (Auckland, 1982) ANZCA. Surgical Assistant: David Priest MBChB (Dunedin, 1993). 19 years of experience in orthopaedic surgery - 16 years working with Mr Dingwall at Braemar Hospital. Operating Theatre Nursing Staff: Phyllis, Elana, Robyn. Personal Assistant & Practice Manager: Chris McIndoe